Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't know how many people know of the Pandora console, but it's nearing completion and will see shipment soon. The development team has been hard at work putting the console's OS together and held an open invitation for wallpaper submissions. OS-tans are quite common these days, so I thought I'd create one for wallpaper goodness. This image is the resulting concept.

It's an incomplete design, and I'm going to refine certain bits later. I belted this one out as quick as I could between work so there's a lot that could be changed. It's not as "moe" as per the usual OS-tan (or Console-tan) manner since I see Pandora as a more mature device than, say, an NDS or Wii.

I have a moe (pronounced "mo-eh" for those who don't know the term) version in mind, but no time to work on it now. It'll probably appear here when it gets made.

On a different note, I noticed this particular image was uploaded to another server (woohoo! first time ever! ... I think ^_^), which I was pretty happy about. The uploader didn't link back to the original forum post, my Picasa page, or my site, so I may start putting my page address on all my images again so people can find the source easier.


  1. Actually I've been hearing about it for AGES now...Sadly at this point the system doesn't really offer much to the normal consumer, and the only people who will ever get much of any use for the cash this will cost shall be programmers and maybe modders. Everything else it offers can now be done on the DS with SD Cards, and the PSP with modded firmware, including all of the already made and supported games on both systems kind of really puts a damper on this poor little unit. Lets not add in the fact that it's been in development hell for almost a few years now ( I remember seeing stuff for this sucker all the way back in late 2007, if not earlier then that. ) so anyone who's been REALLY looking for it is chances are now too overhyped and will feel cheated once they get one.

    Sad thing too as it's specs do say it'll be a powerful little bugger if anything else, and if people support it enough I bet there could be a ton of great games for it as well.

  2. That's kind of the point of it... it's not for the average "normal" consumer. The price of entry is steep (more than a PS3) and there are more powerful units in a similar form factor, but none of them combine what Pandora has, which is why I preordered one of the 4000. PSP can't emulate everything at full speed; it struggles with many SNES games at 0 frameskip, and some of my favorite Genesis games won't stay at a steady 60 fps. I can't imagine how the DS struggles.

    Anyway, I made this Pandora-tan different from the norm because Pandora itself isn't usual. Not the big-eyed, large breasted, or loli varieties that are out there. Still refining the design in my head.

  3. Indeed, I have to admit I enjoy the more 'realistic' design you took with her. Heh, I got so much into the Pandora talk I forgot the main focus of the post in the first place, so sorry for that off-trail talk. She has that 'Standing out' look thought, even as a character. Skimpy outfit, biker jacket,fingerless gloves, even two tiny tattoos to help complete it...Only think she's lacking is those colored eye lashes and colored shiny lip stick but that MIGHT be overdoing it more then needed.

    I'm thinking about getting one myself mostly just for the emulation stuff. Namely I would love to see MAME or Final Burn Alpha work on it to have portable arcade gaming bliss. Still, support for it is currently a bit low, so it's nice to see people like you doing stuff like this to help promote it more. ;)

  4. In case no one else has said it to you yet, Happy New years dude! Here's hoping to see you more active in the year 2010~!