Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't know how many people know of the Pandora console, but it's nearing completion and will see shipment soon. The development team has been hard at work putting the console's OS together and held an open invitation for wallpaper submissions. OS-tans are quite common these days, so I thought I'd create one for wallpaper goodness. This image is the resulting concept.

It's an incomplete design, and I'm going to refine certain bits later. I belted this one out as quick as I could between work so there's a lot that could be changed. It's not as "moe" as per the usual OS-tan (or Console-tan) manner since I see Pandora as a more mature device than, say, an NDS or Wii.

I have a moe (pronounced "mo-eh" for those who don't know the term) version in mind, but no time to work on it now. It'll probably appear here when it gets made.

On a different note, I noticed this particular image was uploaded to another server (woohoo! first time ever! ... I think ^_^), which I was pretty happy about. The uploader didn't link back to the original forum post, my Picasa page, or my site, so I may start putting my page address on all my images again so people can find the source easier.